Improve your customer’s workouts through the use of Wireless cardio entertainment.

Wireless entertainment is brilliant, from pairing your Netflix account to your TV to connecting your iPod to your speakers the possibilities are endless, which is why we’re thrilled about the latest app technology which allows your customers to enjoy the TV audios on their phone from screens installed anywhere within the facility.

How does it work?

App audio is an app which is available to download on iTunes & Google play, making it easier for your customers to download the app and get connected to the screens. The AppAudio system allows you to stream audio from any audio source, including TV monitors, over Wi-Fi to patron’s smartphones and tablets. Ideal for any venue with multiple, competing broadcast sources and people who want to hear clear audio from one or more speakers, TV monitors or digital signs.

Where can it be used?

The Audio app is recommended for the following environments however there are no limits to where it can be used!

  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Sports Bars and Restaurants
  • Casinos, Hotels, Cruise Ships
  • Churches, Community Centres
  • Airport Waiting Areas

How does it benefit you?

As well as being an awesome app which allows your customers to listen to the audio from your screens, the app allows you to engage and communicate with your audience through marketing messages on your screens. With the use of mixed channel marketing, companies are able to use video messages between advert breaks and start-ups. This is brilliant news for gyms or leisure centres who wish to make announcements such as special offers and promotions. The app is fully customisable and allows companies to showcase their branding on it.

Do you have audio visual screens set up in your leisure centre?

At Trusol Leisure we specialise in AV and IT services for your Leisure, Retail or Hospitality sector. With the increased supply of visual elements within these areas, it’s important to create the right setup for the individual screens and displays. We help your leisure centre, hotel, or any retail space area come to life with the use of technology to create the best solution for your space.