Towcester Race Course


  • Currently has no public Wi-Fi
  • No way of capturing customer information
  • Internet Provision to support up to 2000 concurrent users
  • Complicated venue with multiple stands and buildings
  • Complexed Installation programme to fall in line with race days


  • Full RF survey and design
  • Internet backbone network to support high capacity usage for race days
  • Full public Wi-Fi network across all stadiums
  • Customer data capture service through Wi-Fi network
  • Branded splash page
  • Ruckus Managed wireless network with network infrastructure


  • Fast, reliable and secure public Wi-Fi network capable of supporting 2000 concurrent users.
  • Remote monitoring and support as pert of 3 year managed service plan
  • Bespoke software solution for customer data capture and automated marketing
  • Delivered on time and within budget.